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CoJo at Home

When a criminal breaks in your home, most of the time, he has an unfair advantage. He already has his loaded-gun in his hand, he has already made his mind up on his intent, and knows exactly when he is entering our home. Unfortunately, we have to be prepared and have our firearm ready at all times, out of the reach of our children that we are determined to protect.

Safety First

Proper gun placement is essential in protecting our family's lives. CoJo Safety Products can give you more options. Only you know where the right spots are for fast, convenient, safe access in your home. Think, have a plan, talk to your family about what to do and how to handle a break-in situation. Be more prepared than your assailant and always use safe and sensible gun placement practices when children are present. The best means of protection from a accidental shooting is education. Please teach your family gun safety at a young age, the more you are familiar with a situation, the less likely for a situation, it's only too late after the situation! "Safety First". CoJo Safety Products can be used in homes, offices, camps, and under any roof you need protection.