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CoJo Online Store

CoJo Blind Packs

When you purchase the CoJo Blind pack, you save money over purchasing the items individually, and you will have everything you need to securely, and safely hold your shotgun or rifle in the duck blind or deer stand!  Click here to check them out!!


CoJo Bundles

Purchase these special bundles which include the CoJo Gun Magnet and CoJo Gun Assperatus, and receive discounted prices that are cheaper than purchasing them individually.  Click here to check them out!!


CoJo Gun Magnet

 Our first gun safety product that we brought to market in 2014.  Thousands have been sold, and with our large dealer network, this product is saving lives that you will never hear about.  Click here to check it out!!


CoJo Gun Assperatus

 This sister product to the CoJo Gun Magnet is a must for the duck blind, deer stand, or anywhere you have a need to safely stand your shotgun or rifle.  When these two products are used in conjuction with each other, there is no way to incorrectly adhere your gun to the CoJo Gun Magnet.  Click here to check it out!!