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CoJo Field Products

CoJo Safety Products can be used in the field for just about any type of hunting.


Duck Hunting

CoJo Safety Products are essential in a duck blind. With 5 to 6 people that have a shotgun in front of each of them, and a dog running in and out of the confined space of the blind, it is a wonder more accidents don't occur. Several times in my life I have seen and heard a loaded shotgun fall in the blind. As my good friend, Phil says "it is the eeriest of sounds and in that split second you pray it doesn't go off." Well, we don't have a cure all but we do believe we have the best available safety products on the market.

One should position their shotgun with the barrel attached to the CoJo Gun Magnet, so that the gun can fit as closely as possible to the front wall of the shooting porch, out of the way, and the butt stock securely in the CoJo Gun Assperatus, which is turned parallel with the shooting porch. We are not stating that a shotgun will never fall again but it will be much, much more difficult for it to happen than just propped-up at an angle like most of us have been doing. If it will just save one limb or someone's family member, it would be worth the effort. Once the accident happens it's to late! I remember my Dad's preachings. "Safety First".


Deer Hunting

Most of us have been just propping our rifle up in the corner of a box stand or laying in our lap, and leaning the barrel on the shooting rail of ladder, strap-on, or climbing stands. Not only is the rifle in the way, this is a very dangerous situation with the gun falling, and possibly having an accidental discharge. With the CoJo Gun Assperatus mounted to the floor or base, and the CoJo Gun Magnet mounted to the wall or shooting rail, the rifle can be securely held straight up and down, out of the way, but easily reached. Removing the rifle, right before the shot on that suspicious huge buck, makes no noise! Also, you are much more unlikely to knock your expensive scope off and miss that one in a lifetime opportunity of bagging your dream trophy. Good luck and Safety First!

Hunting Against a Tree

Duck, turkey, deer, or dove hunting against a tree. After some time, you get tired of holding your gun, so you start looking for a limb to lay it against, or to hang your sling on. Guns can fall in the water, or hit the ground and possibly discharge. With CoJo Safety Products, just place straps through our products and the tree, and draw tight. Next, place the butt of the stock in the Assperatus and adhere the barrel to the magnet. Now you have a secure, portable magnetic gun rack that does not take up too much room in your hunting bag. No need to screw anything into a tree, which can't be done on public land. Again, Safety First.