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Cojo Pit Blind Magnet

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The CoJo Pit Blind Magnet is a uniquely designed Gun Magnet. It can be used for all the same applications as the original CoJo Gun Magnet but it has an added feature. The CoJo Pit Blind Magnet will magnetize on the front side for your Shotgun, Rifle or Handgun and the back side of the CoJo Pit Blind Gun Magnet will stick to your Steel Pit Blind so it doesn't need to be screwed to mount it. You just stick the CoJo Pit Blind Gun Magnet to whatever location in your Pit Blind that you like and if you need to relocate it just pull it off and relocate it. Can be used on any application when mounting on steel or can be mounted with screws like our original CoJo Gun Magnet.