CoJo Gun Assperatus

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CoJo Gun Assperatus

“keeps your butt in line”

The Assperatus is our sister product to the CoJo Gun Magnet. This polypropylene container secures the stock of rifles and shotguns while the CoJo Magnet holds the barrel in place. It has several built-in amenities such as: an angled floor plate, so the long gun will stand vertically at 90°, 2 screw holes for mounting to a surface, 2 zip tie slots to secure it to expanded metal floors like in climbers, ladders, strap-on stands, and a slot on each end that a 1” strap can pass through to attach it around a tree in flooded timber.  It also has teeth on the bottom edge to bite into a mat or carpet when screws can't be used. As you can see it is a very versatile safety product used by hunters in all hunting situations.

Another purpose along with the containment of stocks, is to make sure that your long gun is positioned at 90°every time. Hunters by nature, lean their guns at a 20° angle, this makes for very little magnet-to-barrel contact while the stock is vulnerable to be kicked over because it sticks out in the middle of the blind. This is a long-time habit that is hard to break, but by installing the Assperatus correctly, it eliminates this problem.  Now, the gun is placed correctly every time, out of the way, without even thinking about it. An automatic habit breaker! Also when it is used in conjunction with the CoJo Gun Magnet, together they make very secure gun racks for UTV’s, Golf Carts, Ranch Trucks, Hog Vehicles, and Hunting Boats.

(Hardware Included)

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