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The CoJo Gun Gripper is our latest addition to the CoJo lineup, and we have to admit, we are very proud of this one! Although to the eye this may seem to be "just another flat magnet", we assure it is not. The Gun Gripper is made up of one solid 1/2" thick neodymium magnet of the highest grade, making it's strength immeasurable to anything else on the market today. We have personally tested it with a 50lb barbell, and it can be seen lifting it with ease in the video above. This product is unique in that it is encased with a TPU rubber-like coating, and is embossed with a "zig-zag" design for superior gripping performance. This magnet is the perfect companion for your firearm in the vehicle, as well as in the home, office, and virtually anywhere you would like to keep your gun safe and secure. Another key component to this product is that it is equally strong on both sides, therefore, in gun safes, steel cabinets, bed rails, or pit blinds, no screws are necessary! The overall size of the product is 1" x 3", making it easily concealable in a console, glovebox, inside a nightside, dresser drawer, behind a curtain, and so much more. Lastly, the strength in this product allows for a riot shotgun to easily be suspended horizontally or vertically. The CoJo Gun Gripper can save your life in more ways than one by making your firearm safe and secure while allowing you access where you want it, when you need it!

(Hardware Included)

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