CoJo Multi-Pack

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In stock and ready to ship now! Order yours today! And as always, our shipping price is a flat rate of $4.99, no matter how many items you order!! Purchase a 4 pack of the CoJo Gun Magnet, discounted to our lowest price!!

$109.99 + S&H

SKU: 2304

CoJo Multi-Pack

We at CoJo are pleased to announce we have a limited supply of the CoJo Multi-Packs. This marketing deal is 4 times better than the original CoJo Gun Magnet, because it is actually 4 of them at our lowest discounted price! I have always said that CoJo’s are like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one. There are so many uses that they are only limited to your imagination. From hunting ducks, to deer, to 4 wheelers, cars, trucks, boats, to homes and businesses, they simply give you more options to mount your guns anywhere you see fit. A gun is useless if you can't get to it the second it is required. Don't fall short and become a victim to a situation when you could have prevented it, or protected the ones that mean the most to you. The CoJo’s were designed as a safety device to save lives, and sometimes that just might be fast access to your weapon to protect and prevent harm. Please educate your children about gun safety, and always use safe and sensible gun placement practices when children are present.

(Hardware Included)

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