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WE SPECIALIZE IN GUN MAGNETS, "THATS WHAT WE DO." The CoJo BFM was originally designed for the U.S Border Patrol to be used under extreme use conditions. It is over-kill for most civilian use, but for ones of you who want the biggest and baddest, here it is! It utilizes our Patented Design that enhances the strength of the 2/ N-52 Highest grade magnets. This larger version Gun Magnet has over 2.5x more rare earth magnetic material than our original CoJo Gun Magnet. The new Magnum XL polypropylene case has 12 rubber ribs to grip your gun for a constant no slip hold. It will suspend virtually any Rifle, Shotgun, or Pistol. The backside of the CoJo BFM case is also magnetic, so it can be placed on any metal surface to hold your firearm without the need of mounting screws. For example: Gun Safes, Bed Rails, Metal Cabinets & Desk, Pit Blinds and Deer Stands. This Magnet will contain extremely large Pistols in moving vehicles and UTV's. It securely holds revolvers such as: The Judge, Governor, Ruger Super RedHawk, Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum & The BFR's by Magnum Research. These Revolver cylinders nestle perfectly in our Magnets V-Shaped Design. It also can manage most all semi-auto pistols including all the Desert Eagle's. So, if you have extreme use conditions or just want the "Billy Bad Ass" Gun Magnet, here it is especially for you with a free Gun Stock holder and the hardware included. WHEN YOU BUY A COJO "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR."

(Hardware Included)

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