CoJo Gun Assperatus 6-Pack


Product Highlights

Bundle and Save - Now in a 6 pack!

 "Keeps Your Butt in Line"

Product Dimensions: 7 1/2"L x 3 1/2"W x 2 1/2"H

• Soft, Polypropylene Material

• Shape Designed to Secure the Butt of Guns

• Holes for Screw Mounting in Blinds, Stands, ATVs & UTVs

• Slots of Zip-Tying in Climbing and Ladder Stands

• Belt Slots for Strapping around Trees in Flooded Timber

• Teeth for Gripping Carpet

• Perfect for Long Guns in all Situations 

 The CoJo Assperatus is our sister product to the CoJo Gun Magnet. This is a very versatile safety product used by hunters in all hunting situations. Another purpose along with the containment of stocks, is to make sure that your long gun is positioned at 90°every time. Hunters by nature, lean their guns at a 20° angle, this makes for very little magnet-to-barrel contact while the stock is vulnerable to be kicked over because it sticks out in the middle of the blind. With the CoJo Assperatus, the gun is placed correctly every time, out of the way, without even thinking about it. An automatic habit breaker! Also when it is used in conjunction with the CoJo Gun Magnet, together they make very secure gun racks for UTV’s, Golf Carts, Ranch Trucks, Hog Vehicles, and Hunting Boats.