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In the Vehicle

CoJo Safety Products can give you fast, convenient, safe access to your pistol in your car or truck. It can be permanently mounted in open spaces readily available but not considered concealed. Read the laws for your State and teach gun safety in the vehicle. 

In the Field

 We want you to stay safe while hunting with your friends and loved ones, so we invented products that could prevent an accidental gun discharge from occurring in a hunting situation. Safety First is our priority, and we want it to be yours too. 

In the Home & Office

When a criminal breaks in your home, most of the time, he has an unfair advantage. He already has his loaded-gun in his hand, he has already made his mind up on his intent, and knows exactly when he is entering our home. Unfortunately, we have to be prepared and have our firearm ready at all times, while also keeping it out of the reach of our children that we are determined to protect.