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CoJo on the 2nd Amendment


The 2nd Amendment

    The Constitution of the United States of America grants us the Right to Bear Arms. I am a 3rd generation NRA member and a second generation Lifetime Member. My Grandfather, George B. Franklin was in World War I in the Army Signal Corp. He volunteered and served with Jimmy Doolittle. These two men and countless others during this War fought for our Constitutional Rights. During World War II my Father, George B. Franklin Jr.,volunteered to serve in the United States Army Air Corps at the age of 17 weighing just 78 lbs and being an only child.

It took multiple attempts because the minimum weight was 100 lbs and finally the recruiter told him "I'm going to get a cup of coffee, you weigh yourself in George", he wrote down 100 lbs and was accepted. He felt it was his duty to serve his country and to protect our Constitutional Rights. My Dad flew 35 missions over Germany in a B-17 as a belly gunner. He was in the 8th Air Force and his Commanding Officer was General Jimmy Doolittle. My Dad told a story about when he was a child, Jimmy Doolittle came to Selman Field in Monroe, LA to do an Air Show. He stated after the Show his Father introduced him and his Mother to Mr. Doolittle.

Charlton HestonMr. Doolittle asked his Father, would your son like to go up with me? Dad said, when Mr. Doolittle reached to grab his hand, his Mother was quicker and stronger and drug him away. Then he stated "if it wasn't for her, I could have said, "I flew with Jimmy Doolittle!" My Dad fought to protect our Freedom and Rights. My Grandfather and Father's principles are embedded in me on our Rights to Bear Arms, that it is our duty to stand up and protect these rights that are granted to us. Please join the NRA, your support is needed!  

      The CoJo Gun Magnet is another means of exercising our privilege to the Second Amendment Rights. When Good vs. Evil be ready for the situation, by having fast, convenient, safe access to your firearm in that time of need! "Safety First". Protect yourself and your loved ones.


 Please join the fight to protect the Second Amendment and join the NRA today!