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New to the Lineup | The CoJo Gun Gripper

Posted by Joanna Franklin on

New to the Lineup | The CoJo Gun Gripper

CoJo Mfg. LLC is releasing its newest addition to their product line, the CoJo Gun Gripper, due to be available this Summer! 


The CoJo Gun Gripper made its debut into the gun magnet market this Spring, and it is unlike anything you have purchased before. The Gun Gripper may appeal to the eye to be just like any other flat gun magnet on the market, but believe us when we say, it’s not! The product itself is made up of one solid half-inch thick, grade 52 neodymium magnet that is encased in a rubber TPU coating. The name “Gun Gripper” can be seen from the intricate incised decision into the rubberized coating, allowing for an extra gripping feature to the already extremely strong magnet. This duo combined together creates the strongest gun magnet on the market, hands down. The entire product being only 3 inches in length and an inch and one eighths wide, makes for immense strength matched with optimal convenience. We have also incorporated into the magnet two countersunk holes for mounting along with screws included. The CoJo Gun Gripper can be used to mount any and all firearms in a vehicle, home, office, or any hunting situation. The size of this magnet allows for it to be mounted safely and securely with screws above a window frame, in a nightstand drawer, on the side of a bed frame, under a dash or side of the console in a vehicle, in a duck blind or deer stand, or anywhere that is convenient for you to reach your firearm for your situation in that time of need. This product can also be used inside of a safe, a pit blind, or any metal surface to suspend a shot gun vertically or horizontally in mid-air, with no screws needed. We also have tested the products strength. This magnet can lift a 50lb barbell, without budging. Don’t believe us? Check out our highlights on Instagram to see for yourself! The strength of this magnet, is unlike any other on the market.

            The CoJo Gun Gripper made its first appearance this February at the NBS Show in Fort Worth, TX. Although we only had a few samples for dealers to try, they each were blown away. While setting up the booth, we found that our booth had a large metal pole in the back corner. Where most venders would stray away from this booth due to this obstruction, we saw it as an opportunity. Dealers walking down the aisle during the show would stop in their tracks to look at the shotgun, which appeared to be floating in mid-air, and be shocked to find that a small magnet was holding this heavy firearm so securely. The product was a huge hit at the show, and one dealer even said, “I cannot wait to get these in, they are going to fly out of my store!”. We also attended the Sports Inc. show in Phoenix, Arizona where this product made its second appearance, and very few dealers made an order without this product on their order form.


We are very excited to bring this unique product to the market, and hope that you are just as eager as we are. Because of the large success at both NBS and Sports Inc. in February, this product could be coming to a store near you very soon. We look forward to seeing how you will use your CoJo Gun Gripper to place your firearm where you want it, when you need it.


For more information, please contact us a info@cojomfg.com, or give us a call at 318-366-7874.

Also, be sure to follow us on our social media accounts @cojo_mfg to stay up to date on all things CoJo.


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