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Customer Reviews

Cody Hicks | April 2021 | Longview, TX

After talking with Hoss, I knew I had to get in touch and get some of these magnets for my cart! Will definitely spread the word and send folks y'all's way. Thanks again!

Hoss Griffin | April 2021 | Wadesboro, NC

I finally got my gun mounts installed, and it works perfectly. Here are a couple of pictures of how I used them. These are the best mounts I've ever owned!


Wayne Lynn | March 2021 | Meadville, PA

I purchased the CoJo U-Rack adjustable magnetic gun rack for RTV. Excellent quality best buy for the price. Works GREAT in my Kabota RTV. Great friendly service in the AMERICAN WAY. 


Adam Lewis | March 2021 | Stokesdale, PA

The CoJo VGM and Vehicle Holster Mount are absolutely legit. I tested both of them in my Tracker 800 and the VGM held my gun motionless at over 30 MPH on pavement and also held it perfectly out in the woods going up and down hills, over logs, anything I could throw at it. The Vehicle Holster Mount got an even better test since I backed into a tree while I was testing it...everything in the cab went flying EXCEPT my gun AND my Gerber multi-tool. The gun staying put wasn't the surprise; the Gerber taking advantage of the magnets and sitting on top of the holster was. I've tried other magnets and the CoJos put anything else I've used to absolute shame.


Grant Middleton | March 2021 | Birmingham, AL

Really solid, well-made product. Was looking at other car mounted holsters and this one fit my needs. Fits my Springfield Hellcat and Taurus G2C perfectly. Awesome product.


Ron Ludwin | 2020

CoJo Mfg, I just purchased a vehicle holster from you.  PERFECT FIT in my 2012 RAM truck.  That’s my S&W 40 Cal. Shield …install was around 5 minutes!! Great product, great peace of mind while driving. Thanks again.

SPIROS KOPSIDAS | Spring 2020 | Deltona

I'm a licensed conceal carry person that also likes to keep his revolver in his vehicle while out and about. At first giving the shear weight of my loaded Stainless Steel S&W 686 PLUS 2.5” I was very skeptical that this product would secure it safely but it does. I had to take a extra step by using different fasteners but I am very pleased with this product. It keeps my weapon secured out of visual sight put right at arms reach. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.


Tyler | Winter 2019 | Louisiana

Awesome product! Received my CoJo product for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to get it installed! Easy as 1,2,3! Highly recommended!



Marty Sims | 2017 | Heath Springs, SC

6 of your gun butt stock holders in use on my custom Polaris Ranger side by side sporting clay shotgun holder.



Steven | Spring 2018 | Charlotte, NC

I needed a secure way to keep my home defense AR-15 close to me without having to worry about it falling over. I usually kept it propped up against the wall between my bed and night stand only to wake up with it sometimes resting against the night stand. Then I discovered the Cojo gun magnet. It now sits securely behind my bedroom door. I will be purchasing another mount to mount my Glock 17 behind my nightstand and another to mount my Glock 26 in my truck for when I do somewhat distant drives. Also, I think it is worth noting that I don't like drilling holes in things, so I secured my Cojo mount using Velcro brand industrial strength Velcro strips and i'm telling you that gun magnet isn't going anywhere without some serious tugging. I'll be mounting all of my Cojo magnets this way.


Brandy B | March 2018 | Mobile, AL 

I travel a lot! I’ve always worried a little about where to keep my pistol so that it was easy to reach and in a safe location when I slept. CoJo has solved my problem.



Wade Chapman | Winter 2017 | West Monroe, LA

After looking around for a car mount for my handgun, I decided to give the MACH 180 a try, and I have to say I'm extremely happy with this purchase. Using the included self-tapping screws I mounted this in my truck in just a few minutes. I love that the strong magnets hold it in place, with the added comfort of being a holster. Speaking of being a holster, the MACH 180 can double both as a car mount AND an open-carry holster! You simply squeeze the levers and move to detach from the car, and you can clip on the belt holster attachment (L or R handed) and carry around on your hip. Easy installation, and super versatile. The whole thing is coated in a soft plastic so you don't have to worry about scratching up your gun at all. One extra note, due to the design of this holster, it will also accommodate a laser attached in front of the trigger guard no problem - that was another thing I was searching for. For the quality, versatility, and price, I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a OWB hip holster and/or a car mount. Love it!


Brad H | Winter 2017 | Pensacola, FL

What a great pistol mount. Purchased at Jim's Firearms and it works perfectly. Took less than 5 min to install and it holds my EDC with no issue. I'll be buying another on to put in my truck!


Walter Hillman | Fall 2016 | Louisiana

This is the greatest thing since aged beef! I mounted this magnet in my old "Hunter Condo" deer stand for this deer season. I wished I would have done this earlier. This stand has a recessed corner just inside the door. I place the gun on the magnet before I climb into the stand. It makes a safe platform for the gun while bring in the rest of my gear. I leave it cradled in the magnet while I hunt. It makes it easy to grab the gun when I see a deer. I am writing this from the stand. I just grabbed my gun three sentences up, but it was only a maiden doe (seriously)! Good Product!


Dennis Truelove | Summer 2016 | Camden, AR

I was looking for a quick easy pistol mount for my SUV's. I found the answer at Banks Pawn Camden Ar in the CoJo. This is the best and most unervisal mount on the market. I have shown it to both of our Sheriff and Police Department of which they bought them. It fits all of our pistols, my wife and I both love the mount in our SUV's. In the wife's Lincoln Navigator I had a cover made to match her interior. If you need a mount that is easy to install, durable, and most important easy to retrieve you weapon then this is for you!



Ken | Spring 2016 | Great Falls, MT

The gun magnet works great!! I installed one in my RV holds my rifle securely in the closet, also bought 2 more to put in our pickup trucks. Such a great idea really keeps the guns safely secured. Highly recommend.


Michelle | Winter 2016 | Birmingham, AL

Purchased a couple of your gun magnets at a local gun shop recently, and I love them. I have one installed in my car, and one in my home. They are exactly as advertised, easy to install and they hold the gun great. It is hard to believe that the magnets are as strong as they are. It blew my mind the first time I tried it! I have recommended your products to all of my friends and family. Thanks CoJoMfg!!


Clay Taylor | Winter 2015 | Pecos, TX

A really great product! I put these magnets in my Polaris ranger to hold rifles upright and they work excellent. I also installed them in the back to hold a shovel, axe, and all sorts of tools. Cojo was great to work with unlike some out fits that won't take orders over the phone cojo was glad to bypass the website hullabaloo and help a guy out. Thanks guys make some more good stuff!


Rick | Spring 2014 | Magnolia, TX

Just wanted to let you know a friend of mine bought one of these for me for my birthday. IT SAVED MY LIFE. I installed it in the console of my truck and stuck my 1911 .45 to it. He got tired of listening to it rattle around in my truck! Well today I had to pull it out and stick it in the face of a mad man in a road rage incident. I was able to get to it so fast and stuck it in his face. He was arrested and I walked away without having to fire a shot, thank God for that. Rest assured I would have pulled the trigger had he not complied. Great product. I am ordering them for all my family and friends.


Bob | Spring 2014 | Jackson, MS

What a great idea!! We outfitted all of our deer stands with the CoJo Gun Magnet. I can't believe how strong the magnets are! Great product guys. Keep up the good work!!


Jason | Fall 2014 | Monroe, LA

I have purchased several CoJo Gun Magnets, and love them!! I have one installed in each of my vehicles, and have one installed in my home. I have shown many of my friends and family how your product works for me, and they have gone out and bought them as well. Thanks for making such a great gun safety product!! Jason