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SKU: 2312

Looking for a safe, secure, and easy way to mount your shotgun or rifle in your UTV? The CoJo U-Rack, an adjustable magnetic gun rack able to fit any and all UTV’s is now available! This product is made up of 4 key features: a u-shaped neodymnium magnet of the highest quality, adjustable tubing with a push pin made for varying heights of rifles and shotguns, a CoJo Gun Assperatus to secure the butt of the gun, and the option for an extra layer of security with velcro closure. The U-Rack is equipped with 13 mounting holes, an 1 ½” apart, making this product able to be mounted in most situations in all UTVs. The size of the U-Rack can be adjusted to be as short as 26” and as tall as 39”. The best part about the CoJo U-Rack? It mounts in minutes! Simply use the push pin to adjust the rack to fit your firearm, find where you want to mount, and using our included hardware along with an electric screwdriver, secure the product in your UTV in no time. The CoJo U-Rack is the best companion in your UTV to assure your shotgun or rifle is where you want it, when you need it. 


Hardware Included

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